Regardless of venue size or type, or indeed the purpose for use, here at LED Systems we take pride in manufacturing large format LED video display screens. Often referred to as a digital billboard, such technology is truly state-of-the-art. With incredible picture quality, contrast and colour, they are almost as impressive as the stage, pitch or stadia within which they stand. There’s unlimited potential for these digital displays, as such the possibilities are extensive. You can sit back and watch your brand grow bigger, right in front of your eyes!

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Our own innovative modular unit design gives your LED the potential to be any size you desire. No matter how big they get, the below offerings remain uncompromised:

• Vibrant colours and ultra-sharp images without afterglow.
• Uniform brightness across the entire LED display board.
• Optional brightness control that automatically adjusts the display to the surrounding brightness – so the image stays at its best whatever the viewing conditions.
• Real time processing of any high quality picture or video, providing brilliant and high contrast display images.
• A 400hz based video system for a 100% flicker-free viewing experience.
• A wide viewing angle with optimum contrast and excellent visibility, thanks to free standing LED clusters set to a black background.