When commuters or travellers have easy and frequent access to clear information, journeys are much more successful as a result. When people are aware of congestion ahead of time, they can plan an alternative route accordingly. When they know the time their train or plane is expected, they can do further planning when necessary. If there’s danger ahead, an LED electronic display board can help keep those travelling safe. LED Systems manufactures bespoke LED electronic display screens that help people get to where they need to be, safely and on time.

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For every mode of transport, there’s an LED electronic display screen
LED Systems’ LED electronic display boards can provide information, advice and warnings for people travelling across the UK. For road users our LED display signs are warnings for speed restrictions, roadworks, diversions and a host of other regular road occurrences. At airports they are helping connect people with flights, and with their luggage afterwards. Also at ports, bus stations and bus stops they are advising people when their next service will be arriving, and providing additional route information when necessary.


LED electronic display boards for every journey
Travellers who have the latest and most accurate information to hand are less likely to overload your enquiries desk with questions. For those facing delays, the thing that frequently frustrates them most is a lack of information. As you are able to update your LED electronic display signs easily and quickly, customers are much more likely to stay happy. For temporary emergencies, you can hire LED electronic display screens to help you through periods of disruption caused by weather, construction works or road works. Through LED Systems, you can always get the right messages to your people. From simple single or multi-line displays to full screen video display boards, talk to LED Systems now about how LED electronic display boards can help keep your customers moving.