If staff surveys tell you internal communication could be improved, how do you react? For some, the response is to work harder at delivering the same message in the same way. For others it’s an unresolvable problem. But for those who use LED Systems’ display screens, communication is something that must be improved when an issue it identified. Newsletters and weekly briefs will only get you so far. Varying your methods of communication is vital if you want your people to retain information. Office LED displays give you the flexibility to put your message across wherever you want, whenever you want.

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Make more of your communications with office display screens
In a call centre you could be displaying the numbers of calls handled, the number waiting and your performance against set targets. In a restaurant you could be promoting a healthy lifestyle, announcing competition winners or promoting social events. In a general office environment you could be using office display boards to deliver the latest KPI information, key service and quality messages, and health & safety announcements. When you use LCD and LED display screens to deliver your regular messaging, you create more impact and the information is more likely to be retained by staff. They can also free your other communication methods for messages that need to be delivered face-to-face.

The power of LED display screens
An LED display screen is effective because you can use full motion video to show a workforce, rather than tell them. Showing people something visually rather than talking at them is much more likely to stick. Even a simple single or bi-line LED display can transmit information in a way your people can absorb simply and quickly, without taking them away from important work. Office display screens can help your business communicate more efficiently.