Budget LED Electronic Signs
Multiline LED Electronic Signs

Great value electronic LED displays which are ideal for small and large business alike. These LED displays are available in a range of colours and sizes to suit any budget and create great awareness for consumers.


Multi-line displays are dynamic displays which can show anything from a simple two line message up to a full colour video board.

Single Line LED Electronic Signs
Electronic Time and Temperature Displays

Single Line LED displays are available in a huge range of sizes and colours, and are used by many different types of business to add a fully dynamic and eye catching display.


LED Time and Temperature displays mounted outside your building make an instant landmark for passers by, and offers brand awareness and a public service to your potential customers.

Electronic Reception LED Signs
Electronic LED Airport and Car Park signs

Electronic LED reception displays that are easy to to update create a professional image and a great way to keep staff and guests informed of important information.


LED signs for car park and airports offer easy control systems and high quailty visibility for users. Scanlite produce electronic signs for car park spaces and directions as well as vacancies.

Fuel Forecourt LED Electronic Signs
LED Factory Communications Displays

With the rapid change in Petrol prices, you need a forecourt system that is reliable, clear, and easily changeable. Our fuel forecourt LED displays are produced for the major suppliers and can be seen nationwide.


Electronic factory displays can be custom built to size and colour, and communicate messages to workers aiding health and safety and production rates.


Open closed, Vacancies, and Sale signs
Bespoke electronic LED Displays

Scanlites' large range of open and closed signs are a great way to draw attention to your business. We also have electronic vacancies signs for hotels and Bed and Breakfast establishments, and sale signs to get the public through your doors.


Scanlite visual communications can produce virtually any LED or LCD electronic display. Floor, wall, or ceiling, inside and outside your building, curved, towering into the sky - anything you can think of!

Magic Ball Electronic Displays
Electronic LED Badges

The magic ball LED display makes a huge visual impact, and can be viewed from 360 degrees. This electronic display is imposible to miss!


The electronic LED badge is worn by promotions teams, shop staff, and events teams, and is an unmissable marketing tool.

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